Embrace The World Incorporated
Sonia L. 

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10o% of your donations are used on clients

Embrace The World Incorporated

Reaching with compassion, Integrity, determination and kindness to serve and uplift the unsheltered homeless.  Our organization will not post pictures of our clients, we respect their rights and privacy.

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop.

Our goal

Our goal is to meet the food and other minor needs of individuals and families unable to get into a city or other temporary shelter.
On a given night there are over 1000 homeless people in Columbus, Ohio. Out of
that number twelve to seventeen percent of them are unsheltered without means to obtain a meal for the night or in the day.

Embrace The World Incorporated will serve individuals and families of all ages, ethnicities, sexual
orientations, national origins, religions, backgrounds and those with handicaps and disabilities, within our ability. 


Your donation is very much needed and appreciated. Thank you in advance

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Annual 100 Hygiene Bags for the Holidays

Some of the items in our hygiene gift bags from 2019

There are hygiene bags for both men and women

Individual lotions 100 @ $1.00 each=$100.00
100 Bulk toothbrushes individually wrapped = $40.00
10 packs BIC Comfort Twin Blade Shaver, 10-Count= $38.10
6 Packs of 18 count washcloths @ $4.00 each= $24.00
9 packs of 12 Bars Coast soap, 4.0 OZ @ $15.00 each= $135.00
10 packs of Degree Deodorant, 0.5 oz. 10 count @ 12.15=$121.00
2 Crest Toothpaste, 0.85 Oz Travel Size 50 count @ $23.38 each =$46.76
9 packs of Hanes 12-Pk FreshIQ Odor Socks @ $15. 00 each=$135.00
2 boxes of Comix Face-mask 3-ply L707 50pcs, 1count @ $14.99 each=$29.98
5 pack of Germ-x Hand Sanitizer, 3.0 Oz Bottles 24 count @ $30.29each=$151.45
Total: $821.29 
!!!Annual holiday give away 2020!!!

Annual 100 Hygiene Bags for the Holidays 

Our organization will give away 100 hygiene bags which will include PPE.  A staff of volunteers will assist stuffing and delivering the bags.  Your donation is very much needed and appreciated.  Thank you in advance

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